Don't Be A Grass & Carry On!

This article is for the Do-gooders,  particularly in my local area, but every area has them, and most will know who they are? 

Back in the 80's I was one of the  Poll Tax Rebels that ended up in court,  I didn't rebel for the fun of it or because I fancied swapping a day off work for the possibility of losing my job and prison, I rebelled to make a point and in the hope of bringing change because sometimes you have to stand up and be counted and risk the consequences for your beliefs, and despite what the Government and local councils were saying, I believed they were wrong and I wasn't prepared to just nod my head like a solar toy stuck on a car dashboard while millions of people, and as usual poor families, sick, disabled and vulnerable lost their homes and adults and children alike went hungry. 

While there were organisations that would do their best to help out, Foodbanks weren't heard of back in the 80's as they didn't really come into play in the Uk until the start of the 2000's  so you can only imagine what it was like for those already caught up in poverty?  Nobody disputed a tax had to be paid, but it was the unfairness and stupidity of the poll tax that didn't make sense and take into account an individuals income or resources that caused the rebellion. 

Fast forward to 2020 and you might be wondering what that's got to do with Covid19  and Mask wearing?  and my response would be, everything. I've always sanitized my hands before leaving the house throughout the years so that's nothing new, but in these Covid times i've social distanced and not met up with anyone outside of my bubble but that's where I draw the line. I don't dispute there's a terrible virus doing the rounds, but for centuries there's been terrible viruses and terrible things happening cultimating in loss of lives? Despite a  Flu vaccine it's estimated that between 15-30.000 people in this country still die every year from influenza , that's not including Scotland, Ireland or Wales ? Flu is highly contagious and a common cause of pneumonia  especially in young children, the elderly, those in care homes, pregnant women and those with other illness, Pneumonia kills on average 20.000 a year in the UK, mainly over 80's. If you've  witnessed someone die from  Pneumonia you'll know it's not pleasant? 

Thirty years ago someone passed on the Flu virus to me, the Flu virus is a well known factor in people developing M.E, just ask the other 250.000 people whose lives have been obliterated by it?  The quality of life for an M.E sufferer has been likened to a cancer patient and late stage aids, having lingered for the past 30 years I can vouch for the fact it's an horrendous affliction I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy and yet there's no mask wearing for flu?  No  quarantine ? No lockdown? and life carries on?

The 250.000 estimation from 30yrs ago has never been  updated, because i'm guessing nobody has been arsed to? And while M.E has been recognised as a neurological disease by the world health organization since 1969, and the government publicly agree , they've done jack but to fund psychiatry for it ? In fact if it had purely been left to the  Government and their professeurs and scientists, I probably wouldn't be here today, thankfully I avoided sectioning as was common in the 80's , but only thanks to the Scientists and Professeurs on the other side that questioned and fought the Government's decisions, but not everyone was so lucky?  The same went for Epilepsy sufferers, many were  sectioned due to science wrongly labelling it a mental illness, again, there were scientists and professeurs on the other side that fought to prove it a physical illness but by the time it was fully  acknowledged  in the 80's many were too institutionalised to be released. 

On average 20.000 vulnerable people in this country die every year waiting for the D.W.P. to decide if they're worthy of help or not, and the  usual answer is "Not"  The number of deaths between 2013 and 2018 was recorded at 95.000 including 5000 cancer sufferers, motor neuron, depression & anxiety sufferers, heart disease etc. Over 9,000 were deemed  "lost"  despite applying because D.W.P had no record of  the claimants main condition so numbers couldn't be added to convenient?  Despite a United Nations report in 2017 calling it a disgrace and "crimes against humanity" The government refuse to accept the findings and  continue on with their corporate manslaughter, no  public  outrage, and life carries on? 

On average 400 death certificates are issued each year in this country with malnutrition the main or contributing factor,  yes, despite us being estimated as the 6th richest nation, in 2020, men, women and children of the Uk are dying from lack of food, unlike the virus it's not a temporary situation, but life carries on? 

When my mother was a child she  contracted Scarlet fever, an incredibly contagious illness that is once again on the increase, at the start of the 20th century there were 36.000 deaths recorded. Those like my mother were taken away by ambulance and quarantinned for 6wks in hospital, unable to have any visitors at all including their parents, can you imagine as a child being taken away from your home and not seeing your mum ,dad and siblings or anyone familiar for 6wks? But while the wards were full of Scarlet fever patients, on the outside there was no furore, no masks, no lockdowns, nobody else had to quarantine, there was no vaccine and still isn't today and life carried on. 

Regarding masks, It is not normal  to be breathing in your own stale breath, a breath that may or may not be carrying a virus, if you have a cold or flu you will just be breathing the germs back down on to your lungs?  Even if you have no virus the moisture from your breath is going back down onto your lungs which I believe is more damaging than the off chance of getting Covid.

I could go on, but the point of this piece is that for different reasons and different experiences we will all have different opinions and I respect those opinions and wouldn't dream of ambushing someone on the street to ask why they are behaving like a sheep with no brain ? Likewise I don't expect to be ambushed and told i need to wear a mask and to justify my stance on it, although I have been and  have politely responded, only to see those same  cowardly Do- gooders  sneaking round and whispering to the management  of local shops about whether their going to enforce it ? 

We may not agree, but we have to live side by side and wether Covid or something else In the future it will be your local shops who will be your life line when you need supplies, not Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, not the scientists and professeurs, so think carefully before you start grassing up your local shopkeepers?  And it will be individuals, those in your local community like myself that despite different opinions  will without hesitation help when you run out of paracetamol, pasta or toilet roll, or need shopping done or whatever else you're needing to get by in these difficult times. It's about uniting despite opinions not fighting. 

                                                              Til next Time, Stay Blessed

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