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Rants Rambles & Reflections 2017

This time of year usually has us reflecting, looking back and looking forward, maybe thinking of  changes we'd like to make?  and as I stroll down what often feels like the psychiatric corridors of Facebook I can't help thinking  I haven't done too badly.   Each and every one of us has a story and most have their struggles but I generally find the best medicine for misery is to focus on others. As someone who  lives a Yogic life  it's the first mantra of my day "What can I do to make someone elses day better today?" it's not about big gestures it's about the small stuff and it's something that we are all able to do regardless of age, health or circumstances.  By thinking of others & helping others without any expectations for self, we can often learn alot and that in itself can be  healing. Talking of healing, can we make a deal to banish last gasp selfies please ? This year my feed has been awash with open backed hospital gowns, zoomed in