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Fat Letters....No Op?

I've recently been contacted by a number of rather upset patients that come under West Herts Hospitals NHS trust, who while waiting for their Op date for medical conditions have suddenly received a letter to basically inform them they are too fat and can't have the Op after all.  The Trust have seemingly rolled out a new policy with a total lack of communication between departments, meaning even those at the hospital that should know about it......didn't. As a regular reader & follower of the Column I used to write at the Watford Obs, I know one of the patients involved and was shocked to say the least when she contacted me on this matter, because while like most of us she could do with losing a few pounds, which she readily admits herself,  she is not what you would describe as fat or obese.   When I started getting contacted by other patients with exactly the same issue I felt it needed bringing to public attention so that others can be pre-warned and hopefully

Don't Call The Doctor!

As some of you will know, I've had Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E) for 28yrs, M.E is a chronic complex physical debilitating illness. I also have other stuff like Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis,  hunchback, yada yada...apart from that, as most would say " I'm fine ".  On Sunday 22nd April  2018 I began having breathing problems, it's common with my conditions and impossible to pinpoint what causes what exactly. The muscular weakness seems to lead to inflammation and spasms where the back and chest feel like concrete and there's an inability to take a full breath and then due to the exhaustion it all becomes rather distressing.  I'm usually able to ride this out  but it became worse as the day went on and by the evening, with raging pins and needles shooting up my spine like fire and spreading throughout my body I asked my mother to call an ambulance. I was also at a bad level of M.E at this point, trouble with processing thoughts and w