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The M.E Name Blame Game?

Before I start, let me just say that I can only write from my own personal experience as an M.E Sufferer of 30yrs, while hopefully many of you will relate? Everyone's experience and levels of illness and views on the subject will be different.........Right, now grab a biscuit and I'll begin ..... It seems whenever M.E/CFS appears anywhere there's outrage of varying degrees, and yes I still prefer to use a dot in-between the M & E as was originally often used ...BUT,  originally  before that, even though the word Myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E)  existed, some believe as far back as 20's/ 30's the name  the media and medical profession  referred to it as in the 80's before the word M.E was widely known was "Yuppie Flu" ... was I hacked off? Not really, I was confused more than anything, It was always reported   as an illness that posh people with high flying jobs in the city were going down with, I came from a broken home, lived on a council est