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M.E? All Talk, No Action?

Originally I was looking to write a piece for M.E awareness month in  May, in fact I started writing it three times and then deleted it (no mean feat when your primary symptom is exhaustion?) but I just kept getting frustrated by it all, and as I wrote I kept thinking what's the point? 31 yrs in,  still campaigning, still ranting, still writing and still have M.E? The injustice to M.E sufferers continues, I believe those with Long Covid are being treated in a similar fashion, and the  DWP have already been told not to accept Long Covid as a disability?  Maybe they need to refresh their brain cells as to what disability actually means?   "A physical or mental condition that limits a persons movements, senses or activities" you only have to type into a search engine "Explain the word  disability" for a whole heap of explanations to pop up and yet the DWP have a ( secret not so secret) list of illness they've been told  not to class as a disability? Everything