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Far from Cute & Fluffy.

I’d like to start by apologising  for the  confusion and inconvenience caused to many of you by my  having an illness that’s not evidently obvious for you to see, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E) to be exact, a physical illness & multi-systemic disease, classified by the world health organisation on diseases of the nervous system (Neurological) . I would’ve much rather of chosen  one that came with a neon flashing light or failing that at least a  more popular  fluffy  palatable one, but  unfortunately  I didn’t  get the option of an  A, B or C.  As medical, media and public perception go, M.E is without doubt the witch hunt of the modern age.  Back in the 17th century a suspected witch was tied up and  dunked in water, the water god had anointed baptism stylee, so if she sank and drowned it meant she’d been accepted by the holy water and  was deemed innocent, but if she floated  she was  found guilty of being a witch because it was believed the water rejected servants of t