Don't Be A Grass & Carry On!

This article is for the Do-gooders,  particularly in my local area, but every area has them, and most will know who they are? Back in the 80's I was one of the  Poll Tax Rebels that ended up in court,  I didn't rebel for the fun of it or because I fancied swapping a day off work for the possibility of losing my job and prison, I rebelled to make a point and in the hope of bringing change because sometimes you have to stand up and be counted and risk the consequences for your beliefs, and despite what the Government and local councils were saying, I believed they were wrong and I wasn't prepared to just nod my head like a solar toy stuck on a car dashboard while millions of people, and as usual poor families, sick, disabled and vulnerable lost their homes and adults and children alike went hungry. While there were organisations that would do their best to help out, Foodbanks weren't heard of back in the 80's as they didn't really come into play in the Uk until t…

A REALLY Good Morning ?

We couldn't get a parking space near the shops, so had to park at the top of the road and walk down, "Oh well, at least it's a nice day" my mother said, detecting my annoyance. The thing is, when you have M.E even a few steps can seem  like the Green Mile.

Anyhow, as we began the walk down the residential street an elderly gentleman was making his way towards us on a zimmer frame with his just purchased newspaper tucked under his armpit, we moved into a single file to let him pass but said "Good Morning"  he looked up from the pavement and looked me directly in the eyes, paused then smiled and nodded "Good Morning"  The following week the same thing happened:
"Good Morning, Nice day for a stroll?" I beamed
"It is" he replied, before adding " Can I ask you something?  why did you stop to say Good Morning to me the other week? 

"Er... I guess because we're old School and it's just about being friendly and courteous&…

Please Don't Do A Michael!

Wednesday 6th May 2015  started out a day like any other. As someone in ill health, I was sitting at my desk in my bedroom working on the laptop, think of todays  Isolation/Lockdown only 24 years worth courtesy of M.E ?  My mother had just entered the bedroom when my phone rang, it was my sister Michele, I did my usual cheery " Hi Smell, you okay?" but she sounded awkward, she asked if mum was with me, at which point Mum came over and sat at the end of my bed thinking I was about to hand the phone over. Then my sister said  " Stacy, I have some bad news"  I immediately thought it was my Dad, I mean  we tend to think  life goes in order don't we, even if that's totally false? which of course it is. 
As I felt that sickening fight or flight adrenaline start to course through my body and braced myself  for  what she was about to say next, absolutely nothing could've  prepared me. 

" I'm sorry, it's really really bad news"
"Go on?"

All Change

Hey, If you're one of these weird people that finds watching paint dry exciting then you'll probably enjoy my update?  I thought i'd hit you all with a little  update of what's going on right now seeing as it's been awhile. I've decided to close my Runnin On Empty website in the next few months and create a couple of separate ones. The reason for my madness?  I originally thought it was a good idea to have all my heads under one umbrella, it was good, for me, but in hindsight it's not always the right thing to do as it can confuse people, put them off, be too much in one place to check out?

One of the obvious heads that can be  problematic is my music head Mama Chill, Rap/HipHop has never had a great image in the eyes of the British white middle class, and while I continue in trying to educate people and change their perception, when asked many still think it's about crotch grabbing, killing and drugs. and while I have been tempted  to keep my mother und…


I choose Twitter as my main social media hang out because with only limited characters allowed there's less chance of a novel length post about someone's daily drama, unless of course they decide to write 10 posts in a row?  There's always one ?  

The only downside to Twitter is the mindset of some of the users. There's alot of people that Follow, wait until you Follow back, and then Unfollow you again so their  numbers look good. There are many that only follow a few hundred while their followers are in their thousands . This is all well and good when it comes to someone Famous or a Celebrity, it's expected, but not with your average Joe, if someone follows you then be polite and follow them back, call it Twitter Etiquette. The only accounts I don't follow are porn, not because I'm a prude but because seeing someones undercarriage in my feed really doesn't float my boat, Food porn however is acceptable, I never tire at the sight of Cheesecake.  For the …

Tits-Up 2019

Oh you're here?  Merry Christmas and thank-you for tearing yourself away from the Quality Street . So I pondered long and hard for a respectable title for this years annual offering, but "Tits-Up 2019" was really the most accurate and honest summary, and as those of you who have followed for a decade or two will know I do believe in sharing my rambles with you all  honestly, otherwise why bother? So apologies for anyone that's offended  ( Ho Ho Ho)  Tits-Up 2019 it is then? 
"So this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun"- John Lennon

Very apt lyrics indeed, and the answer is it feels like a big fat nothing, although it's not been for want of trying. As strange as it may sound it feels as though I literally blinked and another year was at it's end without me accomplishing anything?   I didn't become the axe-goddess I annually mention,  (Guitar variety, not wooden handle, sharp silver head, I'm hormona…

When Royal Mail Signed For...Er...Isn't Signed For?

What if you paid to send something  "Signed For" via Royal Mail only to be told it doesn't get signed for?...... Confused ? 
When it comes to  business or other important matters, like many I use the "Signed For" option as it gives me peace of mind, I trust it will have more chance of getting to the person I'm sending it to, I can also track it online and breathe a sigh of relief when I see the signature, only I found out yesterday, much to my shocked  "Hang on that can't be right" facial expression, that when it comes to large organisations such as D.W.P you're "Signed For" document doesn't get ......"Signed For"?

This all started because as a Disability/Health Campaigner I started a complaint procedure  against the Medical assessment center and  D.W.P  for their handling and treatment of claimants. but hadn't had a response despite it being four weeks so I checked the tracking number via the online Royal Mail si…