"I'm Not Sarcastic All The Time, Sometimes I'm Asleep"

WORD PILOT: Someone That Likes Making Words Take Flight


Welcome to the Official Runnin On Empty website. My brother once said we all have at least half a dozen different heads with different personalities for different aspects of our daily life, in which case this website is an Umbrella for just a few of mine and It will probably change & grow like me, a work in progress. 


I always try to write & respond with a mixture of diplomatic honesty but there will always be those with their own script who will be offended, however, please bear in mind a psychologist charges on average £40 for 50 mins?  I'm not a psychologist, my name isn't Disney and life isn't always Zipadeedoodah. Despite a plethora of illness including Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E) I like to think outside the box, Create, Motivate, Aspire, Inspire, Ramble about random stuff & quite simply write. 

 I live a yogic life here in Watford, not afraid to stand up, speak out, or stand alone if needs be, some may view that as being controversial but  I don't pay lip service.......I also don't do Diets, they're  bad for you, the clue is in the first three letters?  Ex Watford Observer Columnist with a diploma in sarcasm, jackass of all trades mistress of none.  Enjoy. X    


P.S .....Or Not?      

Please Note the Instagram account runninonempty0000 is no longer me, the account was hacked by a Russian Bot and despite giving Instagram/Facebook Officials everything bar a Urine sample they refuse to give the account back to me, it's rightful owner. I have nothing to say other than CockWombles .