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When I Get To Heaven..

This is just a short N sweet one for ya. I admittedly  have tha most weirdest and wackiest thoughts  especially when housebound/bedbound...although i prefer to call it a creative mind.   So tha other day I had this thought/ nightmare scenario  that I die and go up to heaven and.......................

Tell It Like It Is...

Tell it like it is, that’s what I’ve always believed in, stood by, and live by and even more so when it comes to Ignorance on tha M.E/Fibromyalgia front.  Now, I’m well aware some find my honesty a little too hard to handle, but I can honestly say that while being honest I still try to operate with a diplomatic tongue most of tha time, there’s no need for rudeness, or to be malicious or nasty to someone ( in most cases). Tha digital age throws up a host of problems however, one being that as most conversations are done via email and particularly  Facebook  these days, what’s written is often left to assumption, and interpretation and in what seems like an ever growing age of insecurity and paranoia everyone seems quick to interpret it in a bad light and then WACK! goes tha delete button without question, or having the courtesy to at least ask. Those that know me well enough would know that I would never purposely set out to write something likely to cause extreme hurt to an

Doing It For M.E

Mama Chill Doing it For M.E in an article published by Fame Magazine :) xxx

Nuthins Changed

So when I first became a recluse it wasn’t through choice, it was thrust upon me, I never accepted it..i couldn’t, I wouldn’t, I had a life after all. It may not have been anything special to most but it was my life and I was enjoying all the ups and downs of it, working in newsagents by the age of 13 and being given the keys to manage it at 17 often drove me nuts, on the plus side it was literally three minutes from my front door, oh the times I woke up with only ten minutes to spare and suddenly had to do a mad dash to make the  bed, get clothes on and run lol! On the downside a 5am start was a killer for one so young, sometimes I hadn’t even been to bed. I had to drag all the newspapers in off the front doorstep and set them up ready for all the paper boys and get the shop ready for opening at  6am. I rarely   became human until at least 10am. Like lots of other working people I’d moan I wished I could  be back at home snuggled up in bed, or working on my music, I’d moan t