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Halloween? Piece of cake………M.E? now that’s scary,  & unlike Halloween our nightmare lasts longer than one day a year. But before I discuss that, I have some good news…sound fanfare……….Having recently been interviewed by BBC introducing & having tha M.E track “I cant stant Tha rain” played , Tha Lets-do-it-for-ME  team  & other members asked if tha clean version with tha  “F” word beeped was available for download & I said it wasn’t, it was only available from me personally for media purposes. Only tha explicit version is available for download wordwide.                                       So after a little discussion, An   Invest In ME   charity supporter has come forward & offered to pay for tha first 50 downloads, so they are available free for awareness to really get tha message out there, so tha first 50 requests will get a FREE MP3 Download of tha clean version   of “ I cant stand tha rain”  with tha “F” word beeped out, then maybe you could even


So there I was this afternoon Tuesday 23/10/2012 having my usual, boring, frustrating, but necessary rest courtesy of illness M.E when I was woken by a loud explosion……when I say woken, it was more of a  speedy cartoon fly off tha bed, hit ceiling and land back with a boing oing oing oing! Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to live near Warner bros film studio here in Watford, its given hours of conversational pleasure over tha years. Tha  time I stood shoulder to shoulder with Pierce Brosnan in tha local pub one lunchtime….                                                it would have been better if I’d known at the time, I couldn’t quite work out why everyone tha opposite end of the bar were nodding their heads at me, waving, pointing & smiling. I did casually glance to my side, but being short I didn’t look up at his face, I just saw a suit and carried on with placing my order…I will not be side tracked when it comes to food……not for anyone ;) There’s been aeroplanes fal

Quick Quick......

     M.E.......      There's Only One Mode In My Abode.....& That's       Sloooooooooooooow. xxx

M.E? It's Not Fluffy Is It?

If you walked into a room full of people holding a pussycat, you would pretty much expect an automatic response of ooohs and aaaaahs, I’d go further to say there would be a majority of those that wanted a stroke and those that wanted a hold because most of us are familiar with cats, and even if we don’t own one we pretty much have an understanding of a cat, it’s rare that tha presence of one provokes a negative response. (Unless its sh*tting on my lawn of course in which case I automatically  wave my arms about & bang on tha window shouting out incoherent ranty stuff like a demented woman) Now rewind and go back into that room holding a rat, and I would guarantee you the automatic response would be eeeeeeugh, shudders, and “keep that thing away from me” Tha automatic response has come from what we’ve been fed throughout tha years via history & media, It’s fed to us in a way that’s caused scaremongering and prejudice. Many people associate cat =nice, rat =bad, &a

Bed In A Box

       I Kinda had to smile when I saw this bed, because it immediately  reminded  me  of M.E ….. & yes  I've   always  found  things  funny that  I  possibly  shouldn't   but then  it’s only retaining a  sense  of humour that's seen and continues  to see us through  some  very bleak  times huh? Living with this illness is often like living in a box, very rarely is it propped up or open, very rarely do we get to see the world around us in its everyday normality, if we're lucky we just get glimpses, and teases. Most of tha time the lid is down, often suffocating us in a dark confined space. My bed is in a square room, its like a bed in a box, much bigger than this picture obviously, but tha feeling of being trapped within a small limited life is still tha same, especially when night falls and we can no longer see chinks of light coming in from tha window, silence is torturous as all we can hear is our slow exhausted breath inhaling a