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This was originally tha  cover for my music track "Flutterbye" that my good Friend across the pond Doug Johnson did for me but it suddenly struck me how poignant it  was in terms of M.E also, so i adapted the graphics and made some adjustments in terms of tha wings being broken for this M.E picture, sometimes you dont need many words, a picture can say it all dont you think?

Aint It True?

A picture that sums up sumthin we as M.E/Fibro sufferers have all probably endured at some point or other? gotta laugh huh?  xxx

My Definition.

M.E ? Waking up everyday to feel like your dying.


I wonder what happens when you run out of hope? A bottle of pills? A length of rope? I can only hope my hope never ends I’ve seen it happen to virtual friends With There witty posts amongst my feed. & There “life with M.E” blogs I subscribe to read And I comment and like or forget one or both Coz my brains up a tree clinging on like a sloth It seems everyones holding on by a thread Passing hope to each other like daily bread Then someone notices a missing face Witty posts and blogs gone without trace. So we rally like social networking troops Our mission to search and get to the roots Of our friends disappearance that raises concern, Maybe they’ve had an M.E crash and burn And they’re laid up in bed with all energy gone None to reach for the laptop let alone switch it on And when they come back in a week maybe two We’ll tell them off for worrying us, coz that’s what friends do But then a feed appears stopping us in out tracks Its abou

******** 93 **********

Cant stop chasing a dream just coz I’m told, Cant stop holding onto youth while growing prematurely old, Feels like I’m 93 today although they say I’m looking fine, Wanna know why I’m not working yet, it happens all tha time But I’m all jumbled up inside, haven't got tha words, Haven't got tha energy to make myself heard, Skin like peach hiding withered fruit, tha vegetable disease with an invisible root, Dribbling and choking, unable to swallow, a rollercoaster ride from winning to wallow, A white knuckle nasty silently screaming, want to keep living, want to keep dreaming. But I cant run away from tha slow lingering death, my legs wont allow it and nor will my breath, it's my dying day 93 years old, that's how it feels when M.E takes a hold.

I Cant Stand Tha Rain

I took tha Ann Peebles classic & re-worked it into a rap about life with M.E to try and raise money for tha charity "Action For M.E" & it can be purchased off tha Album "Nobody wants to know ya when ya Nobody" Having survived it for 20yrs so far & counting tha only thing that gives me tha strength to keep facing tha battle is being able to make music, because via music it also allows me a platform to raise awareness of this awful illness. Then there's humour, i pretty much laugh at everything, and lets face it, its either that or cry...oh i do that too believe you me, but i try to stick to tha laughter if i can help it. I've always had a black comedy kinda sense of humour, which under tha circumstances comes in pretty handy. One particularly bad day i thought i was dying, there i was curled up on tha floor while My mum rang tha docs , and as i