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Swapping Mozart For Stormzy ?

So I woke up to the headlines that a youth Charity headed by Myleene Klass is urging Schools to add Stormzy to the curriculum instead of Mozart to engage kids that would otherwise fall by the wayside, and I wholeheartedly agree, Hallelujah , about time.  Everyone is different and I believe it's an adults responsibility to tap into what makes a young person tick and then use that to show them their potential. Back when Dinosaurs walked the earth and Stormzy hadn't even hatched and I was at school, it was  something I put to my own music teacher. At 11 years of age I didn't get classical music, I hated the fact we were force fed Mozart, Beethoven and a host of others. As a music lover I knew I'd probably "Get it" one day when I was older but at that point in time it wasn't relevant to me. So thinking of a compromise I asked the Teacher if we could combine classical with modern, be set a challenge like writing a rap or lyrics  over a piece of classica

My M.E LIfe Of Riley

After 29 yrs of living or should I say lingering with the horrendous condition known as M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) I'm never quite sure what to write that hasn't already been said, but as it's M.E awareness month I feel I should say something. So in response to some recent ignorance I came up with "My M.E Life of Riley" and thought I'd record it to video, unfortunately being at the receiving end of such ignorance is nothing new when you have M.E or other chronic conditions I'm sure? But social media is a great educating platform to address it. I must've recited the piece 50 times or more in my head perfectly,  however, with M.E it's getting it from our brain to our mouth that's the problem, it's like squeezing words from the back of your head through a dense wall of marshmallow in an effort to get them to the  front, by which time we've forgotten which word we were attempting  to squeeze through in the first place. By my 8