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Forever Wonky

                                                                                                           Happy Boxing day,  I hope you're all stuffed with sprouts? ....not literally obviously, that would just be weird.....& smelly, so yes we're I know I said that  in the last piece I wrote on the 17th of August before disappearing into the female equivalent of a man cave (bed, covers over head, sorted) but the truth is I'm still Wonky............. Christmas isn't a wonderful time for everyone for many different reasons, and I wouldn't be presumptuous in speaking for everyone but I hope some  of you will be able to relate? While leaving you in peace and quiet these past few months,  I've still been contemplating & struggling to find a way to go forward, just as I did when grieving 26yrs ago on discovering I had Myalgic Encephalomylitus (M.E).  Then, I lost my job, social life, hopes dreams, plans and identity, I didn