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Trying to do normal things when we have M.E takes Ninja  skills for sure.   M.E is a bit like tha retro game of  Donkey kong, you can bet your bottom dollar that just when we’re feeling smug at having outsmarted M.E , made it to the second platform and escaped its evil clutches……BAM!  That pesky gorilla gets a direct hit with tha barrel of badass M.E badness sending us rolling back down to tha bottom again. Hey Come on, I’m not askin for enough energy to save some hysterical damsel in distress at tha top …… gimme a break? So last Sunday  15/12/2013  I’d been invited into VIBE 107.6 by tha lovely Nia Visser  for her live on air Raw Vibes Christmas special, woo hoo!...oh hang on, I don’t perform live, due to the likely chance of running out of every last drop of breath mid song….& with tha usual headful of Marshmallows it means remembering where I am can be a task in itself  let alone a whole song. But Nia was fine with that and would play two trax off the album ins