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Hallo, My Names Stacy & I'm A Scar Flasher

Its difficult to get out and about when you have M.E and seeing as I’m still in post Op recovery its become doubly  difficult. I managed to get out yesterday for tha first time to have a haircut, I never knew one could get soooooooo excited by the prospect of a haircut, but I was, Not just because I was beginning to resemble a long haired Llama but because I was eager to get out.  When you’re stuck within four walls day in day out its very easy to become agoraphobic, I know because I’ve suffered with it unfortunately. It was at tha start of my illness and I’d been practically housebound for two years with M.E so by tha time I could get out a little.... I couldn’t, it was as simple and as crazy as that. For anyone that hasn’t suffered with agoraphobia, let me tell you it can happen to anyone.  I shamefully have to admit  that I used to laugh at documentaries where people had agrophobia, I didn’t get why someone just couldn’t  go outside, they must be a bit of a fruit loop sure

M.E Vs M.S Let Battle Commence

After the sad news broke that Jack Osbourne had M.S, the  social networking sites were awash with shared news articles, and words of sympathy and one of our Facebook friends had written “wish it could have been M.E” not that they wished any kinda illness on Jack or anyone else for that matter, they were just saying what a lot of us M.E sufferers were probably thinking. The amount of publicity and celebrity support has been, and is going to be enormous, a publicity and support we could so do with in the M.E world, BUT…..yes, theres that word again, the infamous but…..i firmly believe that if Jack Osbourne had been diagnosed with M.E instead of M.S there wouldn’t have  been any media frenzy, there woudn’t be an interview in OK magazine, it wouldn’t of been splashed across the front of the national newspapers and it wouldn't have been on every news channel going, and the reason for this is, if he had been diagnosed with M.E instead of M.S I believe he wouldn’t of announced it, a

Mending On Tha Slow

So just a little blog update on recovery progress, thanx to the removal of tha giant space hopper otherwise known as a huuuuuuuuuge mass from my belly I’m now one and a half stone lighter, unfortunately tha chubs also shifted from my face so I’m looking a bit haunted at tha mo with dark circles under tha eyes, but losing it from my belly is awesome obviously and I cant remember a time I was this weight so its cool, I’ll certainly try and maintain it. Even better news, I received a confirmation letter Saturday 2 nd june from my surgeon and cancer specialist to confirm tha mass was benign and NOT cancer J , I’d already been told but theres nuthin like seeing it in print. It also stated that all the other bits they took out turned out to be healthy too, which begs tha question, do I reply and ask them to stick them all back in? J Tha recovery is a bit of a nightmare to say tha least but compared to the alternative outcome I really can’t complain. For every hour I’m up I seem t