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M.E? -Yes, But What's Wrong?

Firstly I'd like to start by playing Katy Perrys New Song "Unconditional" just for you. I heard it recently while M.E flattened physically and mentally  & it made me realise tha only place I can truly be myself is amongst other  M.E Sufferers. I dont have to pretend "I'm Fine"..I dont have to...well listen to tha track then i'll continue.......... So as I was saying I don’t have to listen to tha digs or sarcastic remarks, don’t have to see tha patronising facial expressions when I have tried to explain, or at tha opposite end of tha scale be grateful for someones martyrdom in understanding, yaaaaaaay! yes thanx its really appreciated, no, really your wonderful  and…oh just give yaself a knighthood and be done with it. It’s made even worse when its family and friends, it feels like tha ultimate betrayal doesn’t it?  people who always bang on about how they get it when they clearly don’t ….people that knew you when you were well, that

M.E Meltdowns & Muffins

Hi,  its been awhile since my last blog, partly because my M.E marshallow brain is having trouble operating and we have to prioritise everything don’t we?   And before we can even contemplate doing anything remotely interesting…like writing a blog, we have mundane things to do like draggin our butts out of bed, easy for some, not so easy for others, especially when said butt feels as though its been weighted down with a couple of dumbbells…or is that the choc chip muffins?                                             When you have M.E every single day & every single thing is a challenge isn’t it?   for most healthy people its an automatic daily ritual given no thought at all, & I remember those days well. My normality was running a newsagents, I   got up, washed and dressed, walked the three minutes to work to arrive at 5am,   dragged all the newspapers off the step, counted & sorted them, spent 20 minutes on the phone to W.H.Smiths complaining about  shortages,