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Tits-Up 2019

Oh you're here?  Merry Christmas and thank-you for tearing yourself away from the Quality Street . So I pondered long and hard for a respectable title for this years annual offering, but "Tits-Up 2019" was really the most accurate and honest summary, and as those of you who have followed for a decade or two will know I do believe in sharing my rambles with you all  honestly, otherwise why bother? So apologies for anyone that's offended  ( Ho Ho Ho)  Tits-Up 2019 it is then ?  "So this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun"- John Lennon Very apt lyrics indeed, and the answer is it feels like a big fat nothing, although it's not been for want of trying. As strange as it may sound it feels as though I literally blinked and another year was at it's end without me accomplishing anything?    I didn't become the axe-goddess I annually mention,  (Guitar variety, not wooden handle, sharp silver head, I&#

When Royal Mail Signed For...Er...Isn't Signed For?

What if you paid to send something  "Signed For" via Royal Mail only to be told it doesn't get signed for?...... Confused ?  When it comes to  business or other important matters, like many I use the "Signed For" option as it gives me peace of mind, I trust it will have more chance of getting to the person I'm sending it to, I can also track it online and breathe a sigh of relief when I see the signature, only I found out yesterday, much to my shocked  "Hang on that can't be right" facial expression, that when it comes to large organisations such as D.W.P you're "Signed For" document doesn't get ......"Signed For"? This all started because as a Disability/Health Campaigner I started a complaint procedure  against the Medical assessment center and  D.W.P  for their handling and treatment of claimants.  but hadn't had a response despite it being four weeks so I checked the tracking number via the online Roya

It's Not Okay.

To say I'm devastated  by the Election result would be an understatement, but unless you're Sick/Disabled or negatively impacted I don't expect anyone else to get it, and they clearly don't.  But this wasn't just political, it was personal, If you voted Tory you are no friend or family member of mine, you really aren't, if you genuinely love and care about someone you don't throw them under the bus. You see, if you voted Tory you gave them a thumbs up that it was okay to bump off 120.000 Sick and Disabled like me via Corporate manslaughter and continue doing so, I could've been one of those 120.000 and still can become a statistic at any point. This isn't just about numbers and statistics though, this is real people with families, Mums, Dads, Sons and Daughters, bullied, humiliated, stripped of any dignity & finally killed?  If you don't believe it do some research, we live this life on a daily so we know first hand what's happening bu