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Hi, there's no easy way to start this other than to say I've been being bullied since February and it's had a terrible detrimental affect on my health, I've been trying to fight back and despite poor health & not getting anywhere I'll be damned if I'm going to be pushed over the edge and I will not lay down and roll over. I wasn't going to make this public but if it can help even one other person to not feel alone or to not give up then it will be worth it. You might be wondering who this ass of an individual is that has hounded me to the point that  a few weeks ago I was physically sick from all the stress?  But it's not an individual, it is in fact the Government's appointed Health assessment team. I have numbered the sections of what's happened up to this week,  24 to be precise, to keep it simple to read, although you might still want  to grab a large coffee and some biccies?... 1.  As many of you know, My main conditions

Shall We Dance?

Well, Firstly apologies, having tried since eight oclock this morning to post the column to the Watford Observer I've been unable to do so. It also means that all the attempts have failed and all work lost and I've had to start again, nonetheless I persevered to no avail. So I've made the decision to publish the column here instead, in the hope you'll agree its better read than not?  I find this all  majorly  disappointing , but i'm afraid its all out of my hands I've written everything out yet again and  hope you enjoy the column and will share it nonetheless?  Oh my goodness  I got to dance, it was probably more cat trying to get out of a swimming pool than Michael Jackson in resemblance, but hey who cares, I enjoyed throwing my limbs around , but more about that later, lots to catch up on this week so if you’re  ready?...... After predicting that Watford would beat Crystal Palace and that women are always right I wasn’t sure whether I should shuffl