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Just Swell

As some of you may recall at the beginning of January I purchased a piece of exercise equipment called the "Wondercore   Smart" in yet another attempt to look more like   Beyonce than Blobby in terms of buffness?   Erm….lets just say that once again things haven’t gone according   to plan, even though n o Cheesecake has entered the building and n o sneaky Doughnut   passed these lips,  so what's going on?  Turns out, exercise is sending my body into trauma....yes really.   I'm not in the best of health tis true, but why would a totally healthy person have similar problems?  Well since I started my research I discovered that It can happen for a number of reasons: Eating and drinking too close to exercising, or eating  certain foods that take a long time to digest or aggravate the stomach lining. While in exercise mode, blood is moved away from the intestines to the body part you're working on, this impairs the digestive process and It can highlight or