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Yes,We ARE Undefeatable

I've  been  a bit miffed by the recent TV and social media campaign  #WeAreUndefeatable but miffed has now turned to anger because once again I smell a very large underhand rat? On it's website and social media platforms it states  it's " A campaign supporting people with health conditions to be active through the ups and downs and celebrating every little victory"  ?    I could  almost hear the strains of Jerusalem playing in the background as all sick and disabled around the country stand shoulder to shoulder  with fist clenched to their heart with pride?......Someone pass the Kleenex I'm about to blub, but that's because sadly, once again I believe the public are being duped that this is being done in our best interest, while the actual Sick and Disabled amongst us know it's just another shafting.  Call me a, please do?  but I believe this to be just another sneaky attack on societies most vulnerable to save the government    yet