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Resolution Time & Appreciation

Busy! Busy! Busy! Rush! Rush! Rush! from the moment we open our eyes in the morning our brain starts whirring or in my case spluttering and not making much sense until about 10am, thanks to an infusion of Coffee and as little human interaction as possible.  Have you noticed we're a generation that is forever thinking & chattering away in our own head, what we've got to do today, whether we're good enough, always trying to stay one thought ahead, and always self-sabotaging like it's the whole point in being here?  When we're not doing that we have our face glued to a screen, be it the  (not so) Smart Phone, Computer, Netflix yadda yadda! ... ah no, silly me, you wouldn't have noticed would you?  We've become so disconnected from each other AND ourselves that we're becoming as automated as most of the UK's customer services, ya know... Press 1, Press 2,  Please state the reason why you're here after the tone? I'm sorry I didn't

Mental Health Madness PT 1

Many of the Mental health services in Hertfordshire are appallingly inadequate,  It's probably the same all over the country, but I prefer to stick to fact rather than assumption and as someone that lives in Watford Hertfordshire I know it to be true. It 's not that it was any better in "The good ol days". I remember many years ago a young girl of 14  taking an overdose, after getting her to hospital to have her stomach pumped we were told it was a 6-8 wk wait before she could be assessed for appropriate  treatment /Counselling and then another few months wait before she could start that treatment/Counselling. In the meantime, if things got too bad she could "Ring the Samaritans"    You mean that organisation where it's like talking to a brick wall and where  they  keep asking if you're thinking of taking your own life until it feels more like a suggestion than a question?  Yes, that organisation.  Fast forward to 2018, I've had two frien