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Minister of Dickery ?

Some of you may remember that back in June, I went on a writing spree.?.....yes another one, I've lost count of the letters and emails written over the past thirty years in the very pin head size of a chance that someone, somewhere,  would see sense and  stop the abuse and manslaughter of  the sick and disabled. I also raised a number of specific concerns, the treatment of Sick and disabled under the present Government  via D.W.P, increase in Mental health and pushing people over the edge under the present  system which is ultra disablist despite their spiel.  I also criticized the loaded questions both on paper and also at assessment stage that are impossible to answer honestly and fairly  and yet people are forced to do so ?  As for  Myalgicencephalomyelitis (M.E)  I stated that  while M.E has been recognized  as a complex chronic disabling illness with multi symptoms & listed by the World health organisation as a neurological disease since 1969 at this stage it cannot be med