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Letting Go ?

I've always struggled to understand human behavior and maybe I always will and it's one of the reasons I prefer to roll solo? Letting go comes in many different forms, none of which are easy. When someone dies we have no say in the matter, and while there are those that give permission for a loved one to slip away to save them from any more pain perhaps? it's nothing  more than a symbolic gesture to make us feel we have some control over an horrendous situation, but we don't get to decide, there is no actual choice. The same with illness, it's a letting go of the life we once had, the person we were,  it's a confusing, frustrating, humbling mish-mash of emotions that doesn't get any easier with time, as with any form of loss, all we can do is try and learn to cope.  A loss that's often harder  to deal with is  people that are still alive but that just don't feel about you as you feel about them?  We're all on different stages of our journey an