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Life With M.E

  May is M.E awareness month, after 33 yrs of living with it & campaigning I kinda hoped we'd be somewhere by now where awareness wasn't needed, and I wouldn't be here again boring the pants off you, but unfortunately that's not the case,  there's still alot of ignorance surrounding M.E (No we're not a little tired)  and there's still no treatment and no cure, so here I am once again  to hopefully give those of you unfamiliar with the illness a very brief insight that I hope will help, next time you hear it mentioned. M.E known by it's medical name Myalgicencephalomyelitis (Yes I know, let's just stick to M.E)  is still classified by the World health Organisation as a neurological disorder, It's often referred to as a        "lingering death"  because quite frankly  that's exactly how it feels. The illness is a complex chronic one that affects the whole system,  physical and also sensory, from a whole body exhaustion, to  cardia