I'm Watford born and bred and love the town and it's people with a passion that only a Watfordian would know, however I'm hacked off and saddened by the criminal vandalism and destruction over the years under the spin of progress. Change is inevitable and in many cases welcome, but that doesn't mean you have to lose architectural character and history in the process, or break up long established communities, real people living real lives. As usual  the good people of Watford's voices were ignored, Watford Junction? Watford Market? Intu Expansion?  There will always be  different opinions and the debates will rage on I'm sure, but there's one thing that remains  evident, if you're Watford your family, that's just the way it's been for decades and I do believe it was the great late legend  Graham taylor  that instilled that philosophy into our town and it's people, and no matter what happens long may that spirit remain.

Right, moving on, my mother.....yes the one I keep under the floorboards, has kindly donated me her Watford Postcard collection so  that I can share them with you, it's been tough, but a real labour of love scanning them all to the computer and finding a reasonably priced photo slider, I know many of you wanted a Slider in preference to a Video  and I'm happy to say I finally found one . Only 100 are allowed each Slider, so I've started a second one and that will allow me to upload even more over time. I  hope you enjoy looking back over   Watford Memories ?  Feel free to share the page. Any questions just holla.   




  1. Lovely. Wonderful photos. But could it be a little slower? I found it hard to take in the whole scene before it had flicked on to the next.

    1. Hi glad you enjoyed it, it was a real difficult one to get right to keep everyone happy, the postcards are set 5 seconds apart making the video last for just over 9 minutes, I did triy at 7 secs when putting it together but it seemed a bit slow and I wondered if it would drag too much for people. the only plus side with a youtube video is it can be stopped and started at any point to take in certain potscards,But maybe when i make the next one I'll put a vote out and ask people what time gap they'd like me to leave between each postcard? Thanks for commenting, musch appreciated.

  2. Wonderful scenes of long ago Watford - brought back many memories for Mike Hart, who lived most of his life in Watford. Thank you Stacy

  3. Wonderful pictures .well done and thank you.


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