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Are Muscles Cramping Your Style ?

I often see status’s from people with M.E worried about certain symptoms & It’s the same worries and symptoms I’ve seen time and time again over the years, so I thought I’d  write a few blogs over the coming weeks that will hopefully address and alleviate some of those worries. I’m going to concentrate on one symptom at a time so as not to overwhelm and hopefully it will be more easy to digest and more helpful. The aim of this blog is to  try and reassure, in a fun informative way, but I’m not a doctor, and I don’t know your circumstances, this is purely from my own 24 year journey and experience from living with M.E, so if you’re having any symptoms it’s important to get it checked out. This first   blog looks at  muscle Spasms  and chest pain. Having observed my mum & dad in my childhood years I’d always thought a muscle spasm was just cramp, something people only got in their foot or leg that caused them to hop around the room  like Minister of silly walks Ba

Me, M.E & Her.... Mama Chill

Because it’s sometimes been cause for confusion I thought I’d explain why as music artist “Mama Chill”  I combine it  with M.E Campaigning.  Like many of you living with this illness, I was living a relatively normal life before being struck down, and that life included seriously making music amongst other things, & I’d just started getting major record label interest when M.E decided to stroll along and strip me of my health, followed by my job, my social life, my music and just about every damn thing it could strip.   Having been told that tha illness would mean any chance of   a music career was well and truly over…. A sense of humour and fight for survival were about tha only two things I had left .   Like most of you with M.E I’m guessing you often have   that   feeling of limboness… that even a word? We lose our place in tha world, our sense of direction, our  reasons/motive for going on, we become lost, left behind, we become spectators, every