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It's Not A Round Robin?

As those who follow will know, I always publish an end of year article  ? Although I refuse to call it a round Robin, because firstly? It's not, and secondly I've never understood why anyone would want to know that back in March Tarquin gained a distinction in his nose piccolo exam? Or that more recently Annabella was photographed on social media with a pimple and has had to go into trauma counselling to get over it? So now we're clear its not a round Robin, let me  kick this off with a Merry Christmas....although let's face it, it's more just Christmas minus the Merry? I'm a great believer that out of the most terrible things that happen in life, there are lessons to be learnt ? (Like always purchase an extra pack of toilet rolls when shopping just in case? ) The problem is, from my own personal view of life the past year and a half it has been overwhelmingly full of non stop lessons on loss and betrayal, people and places not being what I thought they were, tr

All I Want For Christmas Is An Arm ...?

It's often hard to understand, feel, see or even believe things unless they're happening to you? I know up until my own illness with M.E, from the moment I got up in the morning everything from grooming to breakfast to getting to work was all done on automatic, without thought, taken for granted, And then M.E struck and with the primary symptom being exhaustion there were days where I barely had enough energy to shuffle to the edge of the bed and that was it, all energy and breath were spent, it was and still is an extremely tough lesson to learn and brings truth to the saying "You never know what you have until it's gone" Energy and breath are a pretty big deal when you're trying to live?  But what if there was something you never had in the first place?...... It was while perusing Twitter that I stumbled upon two individuals, Tanya Cattran   and Fraser Mcewan  both with the same dream & goal of raising £10.000 to allow them a  Hero-Arm  . For those of y