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So I'm sat here with bottled water and a couple of grapes...... all part of my  good intentions, although I can't help wishing the grapes had  cheesecake attached. Apart from getting buff I'd also like to  get to grips with music software, finish the book I started writing & a heap of other stuff....probability of it happening? ....Er.....well....... The problem is my inner chimp just won't shut up with thoughts and ideas and eventually It becomes overwhelming and sabotages any chance of getting  started ....sound familiar?   So to gag the chimp, I decided to choose just one of my good intentions, grab a pen and paper & create a three step WHAT? HOW? WHEN? plan to get there.                        1. WHAT?  Get Fit   2. HOW? Purchase something that I could do at home. 3. WHEN? I will do it -every day, some time  bewteen 3-4pm  By creating a plan of action with three easy steps and putting it somewhere I can see, I'm more likely to s

Ender Soaps?

Let me start by wishing you all a Happy New Year as we come together for the first Column of 2017 with our dried fruit and peppermint tea? .....Yeah right, coffee and custard creams it is then?  Well holy moly! like many of you I've been struggling with "Happy" after being hit with this cold bug going around since before Christmas  and  then yesterday afternoon I had a major M.E relapse....Things can only get better right?  it's not evident that "Happy" is doing any better on the TV front either  is it? What on earth is going on with the writers? I grew up watching Coronation Street and later Emmerdale & Eastenders with my mum, there was also hollyoaks of course and they had storylines and people that we could relate to, it was still escapism, watching someone elses life unfold on screen, but it was pretty relaxed  family viewing. But fast forward and they've all turned into action busters, violence, murders, death & explosions, hardly chil