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A REALLY Good Morning ?

We couldn't get a parking space near the shops, so had to park at the top of the road and walk down, "Oh well, at least it's a nice day" my mother said, detecting my annoyance. The thing is, when you have M.E even a few steps can seem  like the Green Mile. Anyhow, as we began the walk down the residential street an elderly gentleman was making his way towards us on a zimmer frame with his just purchased newspaper tucked under his armpit, we moved into a single file to let him pass but said "Good Morning"  he looked up from the pavement and looked me directly in the eyes, paused then smiled and nodded "Good Morning"   The following week the same thing happened: "Good Morning, Nice day for a stroll?" I beamed "It is" he replied, before adding " Can I ask you something?  why did you stop to say Good Morning to me the other week?  "Er... I guess because we're old School and it's just about being friendly an