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Social Media Madness?

                                 Social media (Do we have to?) some of you may have seen a recent post about me contemplating or rather constipating over deleting all my social media accounts? This was posted in a moment of absolute loathing at Facebooks decision to change how we run our pages, which I wasn't aware of until I went to post the normal way and couldn't. It had come without warning, so thinking it was a browser error? Windows update error? Whatever error? I used time I'll never get back trying to sort it, only I couldn't of course because some pre-pubescent genius at Facebook thought it would be a great idea to change everything and make navigation and use like a challenge off the crystal maze. But  there was no prize, just a blood boiling frustration that was in danger of seeing my head explode (Not much to see there then?)       I very much have a hate/love relationship with social media  the problem is I'm an over thinker who just happens to giv