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I'm Miserable, So What? Now Sod Off!

What you are about to read is based on observation, feeling, fact and truth, or maybe I should say my truth because everyone is different of course?  It's not intended to be read with orchestral violins in the background, it's not a one stop shop pity party, it's not looking for Likes, Shares or  Hugs Hun 💖💖💖 comments, it's simply sharing the fact as the title states: I'm Miserable, So What? Now Sod Off.                            There's so much pressure in  today's society to be  "Happy" Pharrell Williams sang about it and there's been a zillion books written on the subject from "Unf#ck yourself" by Gary John Bishop to Mr Cheerful by Roger Hargreaves,  but the truth is it's okay to be bloody miserable sometimes or all of the time if that's the case ? And we shouldn't necessarily flock to nudge, cajole or bully someone back to "Happy."   Most  life things have opposites, Life/Death, Light/Dark, Happy/S

Mental Health Madness Pt3

I wasn't planning on turning this article into a trilogy, but then when it comes to mental health in the UK there's plenty to say. My interest  hasn't been from choice as such  but more of a spiritual persuasion  and if i'm honest there's still very much a love hate battle going on . I have been surrounded in some way or another throughout life by just about every mental health issue you can think of. I did everything I could to avoid it before coming to the conclusion I'm not the sole author of my life story and someone up there has other ideas.  Even on rare shopping trips out due to the limitation of M.E & Fibromyalgia I would often  find myself cornered by a stranger who would go from saying "hallo"  to suddenly blurting out their entire mental health life story from sectionings to psychotic drugs and back again.   Of course I could've just walked away, only I couldn't, despite part of me wanting to run and hide behind the curtai