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Runnin On Empty

Hi, Some of you will know that awhile ago I decided to   take a step back from social media in a social capacity, but more about that in a minute. First onto the good news. Due to the popularity of the Runnin On Empty Gage Merchandise that I had in my Music store I’ve been beavering away creating designs based on the original gage  and also creating totally new ones to open a separate charity based store called…? Well it’s a no brainer….” Runnin On Empty” All profit from each sale will be donated to charity. 50% will go to Invest In ME on a regular bi-monthly basis when profit is paid out, the other 50%   will go to various other charities and good causes and will be announced at the time.   It’s been a huge struggle getting it up and running (No pun intended) so I’m  hoping you’re going to like the designs and be willing to share the site around with your friends and followers?    Once again you w