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All Change

Hey, If you're one of these weird people that finds watching paint dry exciting then you'll probably enjoy my update?  I thought i'd hit you all with a little  update of what's going on right now seeing as it's been awhile. I've decided to close my Runnin On Empty website in the next few months and create a couple of separate ones. The reason for my madness?  I originally thought it was a good idea to have all my heads under one umbrella, it was good, for me, but in hindsight it's not always the right thing to do as it can confuse people, put them off, be too much in one place to check out? One of the obvious heads that can be  problematic is my music head Mama Chill, Rap/HipHop has never had a great image in the eyes of the British white middle class, and while I continue in trying to educate people and change their perception, when asked many still think it's about crotch grabbing, killing and drugs. and while I have been tempted  to keep my mothe