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My Award Acceptance & Nomination Blog

While scrolling the Facebook feed as usual I was pleased to see that Tanya Tonks Mawer had been given a blog award for her Fabulous blog   "Crazy Purple Mama" reading how her and her wonderful family cope in the face of such adversity, the blog award was well placed. The lady that recently started this idea off  is  & what a lovely idea it is too. So I was chuffed and rather suprised that in passing the blog award badge on, Tanya had chosen me to be a recipeient. So big thanx Tanya, the nice news came  just at the right time and really lifted my spirits ;). Mama Chill and ME T he fabulous Mama Chill is a sufferer of ME and Fibro who not only writes heart warming, humorous and honest blogs about her life with these illnesses in order to raise awareness but is also crazily multi-talented, not only has she written two songs to raise funds for Invest i


            Rather than be loooooong and drawn out, ZZZZZZzzzzzz, I was wondering how I could give my healthy friends and family an understanding of M.E that would hopefully have an instant impact in a quick but fun way……yeah ok, I use tha term “fun” loosely.  It’s often hard for us to put into words, and we don’t have the energy or brain clarity to do so.  We don’t choose to have ourselves and our lives consumed by this extremely complex and frustrating illness but unfortunately every waking minute, every decision we make is dependent on M.E, and not us just being bloody awkward. So let the game begin. Congratulations you have just been given 5 points woo hoo!  Unfortunately for you points don’t mean prizes, boooooo! They are energy points. Some people with M.E start with nil point, nada nada, zero, others might have more than 5 but for this games sake I’m giving you 5…..all heart me ;) So  it is Morning, you have sat up in bed with 5 points to last the day