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Runnin For M.E & YOU

Hi  I’ve been meaning to write this article for so long but have always got side-tracked  with a billion things to do and the energy of a tortoise to do it with , but those of you with M.E will already know that, the rest of you might not….but you do now.               However, I felt it was important, because you’re important. And I wanted to explain why your support of the Runnin On Empty Column at the Watford Observer every Friday is vital, not only to raise awareness of M.E & the charity Invest In ME  but how you’re also helping to change perceptions too. For every one of you that reads it, shares it on Facebook or Google, RT's it on Twitter , you should know that the newspaper keep statistics, so they get to see how well an article or column is doing and if lucky it will enter into the TOP 20  most popular read listed on the Front page. This makes it even more visible to the browsing public and more likely that others will re