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The Techno-Muppets Back

Good Morning, well as some of you know, due to changes at the Watford Observer and the constant problems I was having regards publishing the Column each fortnight and just the total lack of  respect. It will now be published here for the time being.  I want to thank you all for your messages of support, its been amazing and humbling, there's been hardly any readers lost and considering it was based on a local news site, it's still very much global, with readers from New Zealand, Canada, U.S.A, China, & Egypt to name a few, so thank-you and I hope you'll  continue to enjoy it?   So, I've still managed to avoid owning a Smartphone, It's not that I'm against technology, I'm against the behaviour it seems to produce in folk.  I'm an old school kinda girl and I can't help but notice our streets and cafes are resembling the living dead, people of all ages with their heads down, no connection to life whatsoever, and with the latest Pokemon game t

It Starts With An S ?

Good Morning, for those that didn't see my announcement on social media last night, unfortunately the Watford Observer have let me down yet again, its become a regular occurrence that I find highly disrespectful and something I'm no longer prepared to accept . In the latest move, having removed the Columnist section of the newspaper for the second time in a month, when I went in last night to proof read the column i'd spent a fortnight working on, they'd also  removed my admin page, which meant I couldn't even go in to retrieve all the work.  But never one to roll over i've decided to stay up tonight  and start putting it all together again  and publish it this morning on here instead and I hope you will still enjoy it?  So, are you ready?........Ironically this week it's about Stress?...... I saw a wonderful quote this week “ I Stress about Stress before there’s even Stress to Stress about”  I’m sure that’s true for most of us?.......... Stre