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Who Are Ya Now?

Do you ever look back at photos and laugh or cringe at what you were wearing ?  It was just the times and the latest crazes that made us feel untouchable eh?   I felt right gangsta in my Crombie and Doc martens when I was finally allowed to get them,  I   used to smoke too, all the cool boys smoked  Marlborough, they were proper adult ciggies and then us girls discovered the equivalent in Sobranie multi-coloured cocktail cigarettes and there we were, a bunch of council estate kids feeling posh and sophisticated.  One look I'm not proud of and  certainly wouldn't want to revisit is the ginger perm, it was a white persons equivalent to an afro that we really didn't rock. It was meant to be bleached blonde of course but never quite got there, apart from the eyebrows that went so white it looked like you didn't have any. It wasn't a holiday unless you went to the pavillion to see The Black & White Minstrels, TV programmes included Love Thy Neighbour