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The Power Of Love

Once upon a time when I was  six years old I had this delusion that one day a prince would come galloping down our Council estate on a white charger, scoop me up onto the back of his horse and ride off into the sunset. We'd get married and have four kids, Lazzard, Icarus, Rainbow & Lyric and live happily ever after.....yes okay, I had an extremely vivid imagination for a little girl...... However, at the age of eleven my parents divorced and I was hit with that great big wrecking ball of reality and have remained single ever since. That's not to say I don't believe in Love, I just prefer to have love for everyone and everything rather than the one to one scenario.  Granted there are many difficult people  in the world, and you might not necessarily like all of them, but you can still have love for them because they can teach you how not to be. Love is a very powerful thing and while I know I run the risk of being carted off by the men in whites coats, I

Smarty Pants

It's  always good to share a Friday with you and today I'm talking Smart, pants  and quite frankly difference there then?  When I first stumbled onto a site for vibrating pants my initial response was to panic and hit the back button, but an image of a pair of jeans fueled my curiosity. Turns out French Company Spinalli  Design have recently revealed their collection of Essential Smart Vibrating Jeans that act as a Sat Nav. They have built in sensors on either side so you  connect up to your  Smart phone, turn on the GPS  and the Jeans vibrate to tell you to turn left, right or go straight on. If you go the wrong way both sensors vibrate at the same time.  As someone who gets lost going to the bathroom in my own home I fear my butt would be on constant shake?  I'm baffled at why they are only being marketed for women?  unless of course the designer is a man hacked off at his wifes inability to read a map? The jeans come in a variety of designs ran