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M.E isn't N.I.C.E?

Ever since the N.I.C.E (National Institute for Health and Care  Excellence) debacle over delayed publishing of the new M.E guidelines I've struggled to write this article, in fact I've buried my head and done everything possible to avoid it and I didn't know why? Until now that is, and while what I'm about to say is  incredibly hard to write, I feel I owe it to myself and the M.E community and to all those still uneducated and unaware of the magnitude of abuse dished out to sufferers by the medical profession, media and wider community. For many sufferers the abuse also came from family members and  so called friends and in many cases still does. I have suddenly realized, as an M.E sufferer of over three decades that I have become conditioned to the abuse, the government deemed it acceptable and therefore the rest of  society normalized it  and eventually I accepted it too. I'm not sure when exactly, there was no definitive moment, facing physical and mental abuse j