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So  M.E  &  Jaws,  You’re probably hearing the theme music in your head right now huh?......Well have no fear, I’m not talking big scary fish with large mouth & sharp  teeth, I’m talking TMJ also known as TMD (Temporomandibular joint disorders/dysfunction).                                   Over the years I’ve often seen people in M.E chat rooms talk about developing pain in their  jaw and things such as their mouth getting stuck for a split second when they open it, causing them to panic, and also a clicking sound….well this is likely to be TMJ. This was one of the many symptoms I developed after getting M.E/Fibromyalgia, Now whether there is a link is still under scientific study, but look at it like this, when I was diagnosed with M.E but still being passed around consultants, a neurologist gave me an added diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, he said that most people he saw with M.E went on to develop Fibromyalgia even if they weren’t aware of it. He continued that

LP?...Is It All Spin?

After Yesterdays  ping pong Twitter banter  with  Mr Parker I thought I would make my views clearer, and tha reasoning behind those views.   I consider myself a positive, open minded person of reasonable intelligence…..oh yes, I know how to use a knife and fork dontcha know?   & I’ve strong belief that without doubt there are those that can improve from M.E, especially newly diagnosed, as with any other illness the earlier it’s caught the better the chances.  I also firmly  believe that there are many alternative  things out there that can help with symptoms, alleviate certain symptoms,  & generally bring  comfort, I know this because I’ve tried many of them ……… I’ve gagged from the foul Chinese concoctions I drank while holding my nose twice a day for three months,  which was no mean feat seeing as it resembled someones bowel contents after a vindaloo and 10 pints & smelt just as bad. Every window in the house had to be thrown open , in fact I think

M.E ?......Are You Thick?

                                Everytime I’ve had a blood test its ended up in a song and dance performance as they struggle to get any out.  After puncturing my arm numerous times turning it into a tea strainer, they give up and get  a colleague,  who promptly turns my other arm into a tea strainer, before calling yet another colleague at which point I start to feel like some Monkey  lab experiment. There’s four in the room now, (someones just come in to watch) & by  the time  blood finally  breaks through  the surface,  its such a relief, I imagine multi- coloured ticker tape falling from the ceiling along to the strains of Cliff Richards, Congratualtions. So according to every phlebotomist , nurse, doc  I’ve ever had, I have sticky blood, in other words  it matches my intelligence level…. thick. This seems to be common in M.E sufferers….not that I’m insulting your IQ, …blood, I’m talking blood.    I dont know about you, but I’ve always felt I