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Don't Be A Grass & Carry On!

This article is for the Do-gooders,  particularly in my local area, but every area has them, and most will know who they are? Back in the 80's I was one of the  Poll Tax Rebels that ended up in court,  I didn't rebel for the fun of it or because I fancied swapping a day off work for the possibility of losing my job and prison, I rebelled to make a point and in the hope of bringing change because sometimes you have to stand up and be counted and risk the consequences for your beliefs, and despite what the Government and local councils were saying, I believed they were wrong and I wasn't prepared to just nod my head like a solar toy stuck on a car dashboard while millions of people, and as usual poor families, sick, disabled and vulnerable lost their homes and adults and children alike went hungry. While there were organisations that would do their best to help out, Foodbanks weren't heard of back in the 80's as they didn't really come into play in the Uk until t…