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Me VS Giant Orange Space Hopper

So today I went to tha hospital to see a consultant & get tha results on my huuuuuuge belly better known as tha Giant Orange Space Hopper, being called  three days after a CT scan is never a good sign, so I’d prepared myself for tha worse case scenario, I’d even played out tha scene in my head. The consultant would sit there, legs crossed, stroking his chin before saying “ If theres anything you want to do, I suggest you do it now, and if theres any lose ends you need to tie up….” Yes I’ve probably watched too many hospital dramas, but you can never be too prepared. It wasn’t so much a consultancy  but more a gathering, tha consultant, another man that sat by his side, he could’ve been tha  ventriloquist working tha consultant for all I know, and a nurse….oh, and me of course. When tha consultant mentioned tha word Cyst I immediately burst into a Homer Simpson WOO HOO! Before adding “I can just leave it to shrink of its own accord then huh?”  Google is truly a godsend.

GRRRrrrr A Symptom Of M.E ?

As I’m gettin older I find myself increasingly GRRRRRRR…ing at things  that bug me hugely, like why are there so few English speaking people in England now? Wherever I go  from shopkeepers to hospitals to restaurants, a simple request often turns into a game of charades as I try to make myself understood, even English kids seem hell bent on speaking Jamaican slang these days and when I try to talk to anyone on tha phone I now get put through to India. But nothing quite annoys me more than tha word “Depression” being added to the list of symptoms for M.E & Fibromyalgia.  Why? Because its NOT a symptom, and having lived with M.E/Fibro for getting on 21yrs I think I’d damn well know. Let me start by saying that “Depression” is a serious illness in its own right, I have had family members and many friends suffer terribly over tha years and for this reason, I researched and self studied so that I knew what I was dealing with so that I could help and without meaning to sound ar

Easter Suprise

So I was at tha hospital today and tha consultant casually said  " So apart from M.E & Fibromyalgia you're generally a  fit, healthy and well person, yes?"  I looked at him suprised, wondering if tha date was wrong and it wasn't Easter April 5th but April Fools 1st instead?  ", not really i replied,  M.E and Fibromyalgia present  with lots of horrible symptoms everyday, so i'm unable to work, i get constant infections..." At which point he interrupted with "yeah yeah yeah, ok" and then carried on talking about something else.....20 years down tha line and  still  no clue about M.E/Fibro, still as rudely dismissive of it and it just goes to show that despite what we're being told, we are no futher forward. So i guess we just carry on fighting, we keep going, business as usual  eh? Happy Easter my friends may chocolate smother you...not literately obvioulsy. Stay blessed :) xxx