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Hi,   Firstly, thanx to everyone for all the comments and messages, I’ve just had an M.E wobble that cemented my butt to the bed for a few days but I’m getting back & just taking it slow, this is my first FB post so thought it would be better via blog so that it reached more peeps. No time is ever a good time to have a wobble but It’s extremely frustrating that it came right in the middle of M.E awareness, There is so much I want to do, aswell as continue promoting the track and slideshow I also want to help share and promote everybody elses efforts. There is also loads of emails and questions to answer in my personal inbox aswell as my music profile. So if i haven't answered something yet, hold on to your hats, i'm-a-comin. There’s also sharing last Sundays radio event on my music page, Vibe presenter Nia was Brillaint and gave plenty of space and  prompts so that we got in Invest In ME, Lets Do It For ME  & even The Big Sleep. There’s a billion an