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Dreams…we all have them, not everyone remembers them, but we all have them and if I had a pound for everyone thats said something like  “oh, I just look my dreams up on the internet”   I would be soooo rich I could afford an Uber Super holiday …..Like somewhere in my dreams may be? The fact that people often have such disregard for their dreams drives me absolutely nuts and I’ll explain why.   Just like the varying degrees of   M.E & all its complex symptoms, some of us have them all, others just a few, but the illness is very individual to each of us and it’s the same when it comes to dreams, each persons dream is very unique and individual to them. Dreams are  like a private and personal email that’s sent to your inbox (brain) while you sleep, you have to be in a certain state of consciousness to receive a dream message. I’m sure you’ve never heard someone say, “ You’ll never guess what…I was walking around Asda yesterday afternoon when I had this really weird


On the phone to a friend yesterday afternoon, I was relaying how from my window I could see a little fox sat in the woods at the back of my house munching on the malted milk biscuits I’d put out , and what a lovely sight it was. “Not everyone would thank-you for that, she said, seeing as some people see foxes as vermin…. a nuisance”   “But it still has to eat, it still has to live, it still has a heart, a soul, it didn’t ask to be born a fox, just as we didn’t ask to be born human. What if you’d been born a fox instead? I asked, who gets to play god and say who and what’s worthy of being loved, worthy of living and what’s not?. Looking at all the appalling things human beings have done since the beginning of time and continue to do to each other and the world as a whole, what makes us so superior?”   There was a pause before she said “You know, I’d never thought of it like that”   You might be wondering what that conversation has got to do with M.E? Well, lying o