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It ain't Football?

I have to say I'm not really surprised  by the latest Football debacle  and news of this European  Super League, the club owners have got away with far too much for far too long so this has  been an opportunity waiting to happen.  I fell in love with football as a young whippersnapper before girls went to games let alone played, in junior school there was a boy I fancied that was a Celtic fan but he wasn't ready to be interested in girls, in fact he'd pull that face that little boys pull whenever girls are mentioned, the one that says "I'd rather eat worms than talk to you"  I'd watch  as he and the rest of the boys gathered to talk football on a Monday morning before class began and so I hatched a plan to follow Celtic too in the hope he'd like me, sadly it didn't work but h aving spent Saturday afternoons watching Football on TV with my Dad & Grandad  I  went on to follow my home team Watford (Graham Taylor will always be the best Manager Wat