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Aunt Agony Pays A Visit

                                    Ouch! Merry Christmas Ouch! Happy New Year Ouch!, hope you're all Ouch! having a good time Ouch! (Let me know if i'm over playing tha Ouch! bit? ) So, Aunt Agony has decided to pay a festive visit...not that she'll be welcomed with  mince pies N mulled wine, Painkillers and tea with sugar is more tha order of tha day. Tha reason for her visit?  Well Aunt Agony is like tha ghost of consequences, or in my case a strum of tha guitar. Those of you with M.E & Fibromyalgia will know exactly what i'm talking about, for those of you who dont, The symptoms of these awful illnesses mean that you're left in extreme pain after doing tha most minor things, but just to fool you into a false sense of security you dont neccesarily get to feel it straight can get hit with tha  Aunt agony consequence anything up to 72hrs after doing a little something.....and when i say "little something" i mean that literally S

Get Stuffed & Blog Off

                                          Well firstly Merry Christmas to all of ya, it's been slow but i've got there in tha end, parcels & cards sent, presents wrapped...yes, i'm ready.  As this is my last update blog of tha year my M.E health blog & my music blog that I usually keep separate on different sites are one and tha same because I just cant get away from tha fact that ones stuffing up tha other so it just seemed fitting to gel them together this time.                               A few weeks ago I said   I’d do a home acoustic performance of sumthin & stick it up on Youtube, but as much as it kills me to say it I believe in being honest with ya, so…bottom line is I’m struggling. One of tha zillions of symptoms that come with M.E is memory loss, everyone’s different, for me its short term memory loss. Talk to me about when I was a kid and Dinosaurs walked tha earth and I can spit every detail lol! But ask me what was said two second

Ho! Ho! Ho! 0r Oh! Oh! Oh!

So Christmas is coming, & I’m assuming the geese, turkey & chickens are getting fat, which is how I prefer to leave them running around on their little legs,  hence my nut roast is chilling in tha freezer, and while I haven’t got as much to worry about as my furry friends Christmas is still an extremely stressfull time if we let it be. I say it every year, so I wont change a habit of a lifetime…..YOU have to put YOU first. Its not about being selfish or uncaring, its about surviving, and that as I’m sure anyone would agree is NOT selfish or uncaring. You can still do things    but you have to get tha balance right for YOU not your partner or anyone else, because once Christmas is over and everybody goes about their normal healthy lives you’ll be the one left with tha consequences…where will everybody be then?  Sure you’ll get a host of crass “awwww get better soon” messages as though you’ll be over M.E/Fibro  by tha end of tha week,  but where will any practical h