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Hi So things have been a bit erratic lately  and I didn't want you thinking I don't value your readership, or music follows.  I've always been humbled and felt blessed by your support and so I felt I owed you an apology and a little explanation as to what's going on. While I wear my arse on my sleeve with ease, my heart is a different matter, but here goes..... Nobody holds the licence to grief,   we've all experienced it or will do multiple times throughout our life, but it's  a personal thing, everyone has different tools and different coping mechanisms and when it comes to healing, be it physically or emotionally I've always been pants at it...its never been for  want of trying but I believe its just in our make-up, our DNA. While most kids at school got a verruca, put cream on it and it was sorted, I went through the whole pharmacy & still ended up with a tree growing out of my foot.  I had it cut out, then frozen out  until  i

Google And A Teabag

Good Morning, bring a cuppa and the whole freakin packet of biccies with you, you're gonna need them...ready? .........  Until recently I didn't have a dentist because as per usual, I couldn't find one to accommodate a few basic needs due to health issues, like not being able to lie completely flat because I can't breath. I don't don't know about you, but breathing comes in quite handy?  So last Sunday at midnight ,spitting poison with three infected back teeth, excruciating pain and a  red shiny fat face that had me resembling a Puffa fish I   found myself at Watfords A & E . There were only about five people waiting but a few had bought the whole family along for a jolly. Nobody could understand the wait when it was so quiet but for Nurses  strolling around, a few with an evident  chip on their shoulders. By 3am I was  shuffling uncomfortably on the  bright blue metal seat while a lady with  mental health issues sung "There's a hole