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Feeling Like A Rusty Antique

So just when you think “I cant possibly get anything else wrong with me, things have got to be on tha up”? Something else goes wrong with you & you’re rugby tackled to tha ground and sat on by some other uninvited ailment. Anyone would think I was vying for a spot on Dickinsons deal to show off my collection, & I wouldn't mind off loading tha lot i can tell you. I can just see David Dickinsons face as I spread  my ailments over tha table, Scoliosis, M.E, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis,  Hypoglycaemia, TMJ,  & Costochondritis  ……I wonder how he’d value that lot?  “oooooooh cheap as chips” I don’t usually bring tha smaller conditions to tha table otherwise people would be sat there digging tha fluff out their belly buttons with a biro & giving up tha wil to live. I’ve never thought “Why me”? but I do find myself thinking “For f**ks sake, give me a break once in awhile” Which isn’t too much to ask really. I also find myself thinking that God has an awesome