So there I was this afternoon Tuesday 23/10/2012 having my usual, boring, frustrating, but necessary rest courtesy of illness M.E when I was woken by a loud explosion……when I say woken, it was more of a  speedy cartoon fly off tha bed, hit ceiling and land back with a boing oing oing oing!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to live near Warner bros film studio here in Watford, its given hours of conversational pleasure over tha years. Tha  time I stood shoulder to shoulder with Pierce Brosnan in tha local pub one lunchtime….
it would have been better if I’d known at the time, I couldn’t quite work out why everyone tha opposite end of the bar were nodding their heads at me, waving, pointing & smiling. I did casually glance to my side, but being short I didn’t look up at his face, I just saw a suit and carried on with placing my order…I will not be side tracked when it comes to food……not for anyone ;)

There’s been aeroplanes falling out of the sky, aeroplanes falling out of tha sky with people hanging from them, helicopter chases, people jumping from exploding towers, fire, smoke, gunshots, explosions…ah yes explosions.
Tha problem with M.E means most of us are sensitive to just about everything, and while I don’t want to get all boring and scientific, briefly, we don’t release the right amount of chemicals and hormones at tha speed needed to calm us back down after something nerve racking or exciting happens, like a healthy person does, which means we can be left in fright mode for hours or days before our body settles back down again.  
It’s  very frustrating considering I used to be quite tough….now I don’t mean tough as in “I’m ‘ard”  I just mean I was able to cope with just about anything and everything….   although tha police did once tell me to remember  that I lived in Watford NOT Italy and that I wasn’t tha Mafia…….little did they know about tha bodies under tha floorboards or tha horsehead in tha freezer ( sound evil laugh MWHA HA HA HA HA!)

Talking of horses, that’s tha only problem I have with Warner Bros Film studio, they tend to bolt tha stable door waaaaaay after tha horse has already bolted. Some weeks  ago now there  was a large explosion which had me and my poor mother jump out our skins and then three days later a note was pushed through tha door to say that courtesy of tha studio filming there would be explosions & gunshots  and fire and smoke as they were having a practice run………by that time I’d already had my own practice run which involved my stomach falling out of my bottom.

But saying that we’re kinda used to it now…explosions and things, not things falling out my bottom, and I’d rather have tha studio here than not at all , infact I love living near tha studio coz you never quite know whats gonna happen next. Stay Blessed, Back Before Elvis :) xxx     




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