Halloween? Piece of cake………M.E? now that’s scary,  & unlike Halloween our nightmare lasts longer than one day a year. But before I discuss that, I have some good news…sound fanfare……….Having recently been interviewed by BBC introducing & having tha M.E track “I cant stant Tha rain” played , Tha Lets-do-it-for-ME team & other members asked if tha clean version with tha  “F” word beeped was available for download & I said it wasn’t, it was only available from me personally for media purposes. Only tha explicit version is available for download wordwide.

So after a little discussion, An  Invest In ME charity supporter has come forward & offered to pay for tha first 50 downloads, so they are available free for awareness to really get tha message out there, so tha first 50 requests will get a FREE MP3 Download of tha clean version   of “ I cant stand tha rain”  with tha “F” word beeped out, then maybe you could even ask your own radio station to play it?  Remember this version is not available anywhere else.   

So come fill ya boots & please, to help raise awareness share this with as many peeps as you can. You can drop a message in my inbox  Mama Chill Facebook Inbox with your email address and if your one of tha 50 lucky ones I’ll send you tha MP3 Download. (This will be me sending it out to you personally so your email is perfectly safe & wont be spammed or used ever ever again by moi)

Right  back to Halloween……so, I’m in my 22nd year of illness & I know theres many of you with it longer than that, not that I’m competing with any of you, its not like I’m holding out for a prize or anything…. Unfortunately theres no nectar points, Asda voucher, or even gold carriage clock for reaching a milestone year with M.E. But it gave me tha idea that maybe if we actually painted our faces to look like we felt, people would better understand.

 Imagine in a fortnights time when Halloween is well & truly over and we’re still walking around with a painted face looking like a zombie, and people nudge you & say “Halloween was a fortnight ago love” & you reply  “Oh this isn’t make-up, I always look like this, its called M.E”….Worth a try?…although your  bed sheets could get a bit messy after a day or two?  Theres been many a bedbound moment when I’ve wondered what M.E would look like if it was infront of us, every dreadful symptom from tha extreme exhaustion, to tha severe pain, & everything inbetween rolled into one  horrible looking thing, infact thats partly how i survive...
 Instead of seeing it as part of me i imagine it in front of me as a seperate thing, tha enemy, tha monster, that i have to battle & get passed every day so that i can still have a little life albeit small, sometimes Tha monster temporarily wins and i have to go back to my tomb otherwise known as bed, but other times i'm able to wrestle & overcome tha monster & slip past for a little taste of normality before returning to tha tomb once more....... So Halloween?  yep, piece of cake.Stay Blessed, Back Before Elvis :) XXX                             


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