Bed In A Box

I Kinda had to smile when I saw this bed, because it immediately 
reminded me 
of M.E …..
& yes I've 
always found 
things funny
that possibly 
shouldn't but
then it’s only
retaining a sense 
of humour that's
seen and continues to see us through some very bleak times huh?

Living with this illness is often like living in a box, very rarely is it propped up or open, very rarely do we get to see the world around us in its everyday normality, if we're lucky we just get glimpses, and teases. Most of tha time the lid is down, often suffocating us in a dark confined space.

My bed is in a square room, its like a bed in a box, much bigger than this picture obviously, but tha feeling of being trapped within a small limited life is still tha same, especially when night falls and we can no longer see chinks of light coming in from tha window, silence is torturous as all we can hear is our slow exhausted breath inhaling and exhaling, and while our body is weighted down with concrete, our mind is still soaring like a  kite in a strong wind, darting all over the place, unable to be controlled  or brought to stillness.

Tha reason I smile at this picture is because its familiar, I can almost see myself in that bed, just lying there waiting for that skinny precarious branch to snap at any moment and shut tha box lid back down on me again as it does so frequently with M.E, almost on a daily basis if I’m honest. Because that’s what it feels like to live with tha various levels of M.E that can change from moment to moment doesn't it?

For those of us lucky enough we can often shuffle away from tha confinements of tha box  for a short while, I'm not talking going up town to paint it red , more like to tha fridge for chocolate ;) until suddenly without notice & for no apparent reason or as payback for something we did yesterday or tha day before we’re  violently sucked back onto that bed unable to move to wait for that lid to fall shut again. 

And then I thought how cool would it be if Ikea manufactured some of these M.E beds,  with a few electrical buttons attached that could simulate exhaustion, concrete legs, foggy head and such forth and we could give those who are ignorant to our world just a very small taste of what it is like, But  if all else fails & they still didn't understand, it would give tha ignoramous's a short sharp electric shock up tha jacksy, what do you reckon?  Back Before Elvis, Stay Blessed ;) xxx


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